Playing with Photoshop

Furius FanArt for my fanfic “La historia de Marco Fulvio Aquila”. Richard Armitage’s ‘chest’ belongs to Dominic West in “Centurion”, Eagle on the right side to HBO’s “Rome”.   Quotation1Quotation2 GIFSET – Arthur Conan Doyle’s quotation and BBC’s  Sherlock THE BEST OFFER EDIT – Geoffrey Rush in Giuseppe Tornatore’s “The Best Offer”   Caesar MUST DIE GIFSET – Caesar (Cyaran Hinds) and Brutus (Tobias Menzies) in HBO’s “Rome” 4---look-back-at-me_edit_gi GIF – Richard Armitage as John Thornton in “North and South” StrandMagazine copy EDIT – Tribute to Sherlock Dear Frankie - epilogue EDIT – Epilogue for “Dear Frankie” – Gerard Butler – Emily Mortimer wallpaper Thorin EDIT – Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield cartelgif GIF – Keyra Knightley and Matthew McFadyen in “Pride & Prejudice” Hamlet Richard Armitage reads “Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: a novel” crucible wallpaper BLACK2

Goran Bogdan knows to act… and to walk in The Last Panthers

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