Narcissus copy copyThe only similarity between the mythological Narcissus and Richard Armitage is their beauty, no trait of character in common. Nevertheless I could not help to title this edition “Narcissus” as, in chapter number 4 of the second season of Spooks, Richard delight us with another of his love glances that I guess was the same one that Narcissus gave himself to his image reflected in the pond.

I wanted to write a post about Spooks season 8, but the elderly fangirl in me forbids me to do so, as I am not able to write anything intellegible nor sensible in front such an overdose of beauty and talent. I have three chapters left to watch, but let me tell you, that black-leathered Lucas, helmet in hand, “delivering” a parcel is something that I won’t be able to forget for a loooong time (and that I hope would be an special guest in one of my crazy-dreams).

vlcsnap-2014-08-21-20h10m22s104Audio/video comment to the above screencap:

do do that voodooo that you do so well…

By the way… happy birthday, Mr. Armitage.


5 thoughts on “Narcissus

    1. I love the American Standards and Cole Porter songs since the appearance of that CD, “Red Hot & Blue” in the early 90s. The version of “Well did you evah?” with Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry was incredible! 😀

      1. I’ve been listening to standards since the mid-90s when I switched over to jazz from rock music. More conducive to relaxing after a long day at work! I haven’t seen the CD you mention but it sounds really interesting.

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