The perfect trip

the other side of the wall
The other side of the wall
Ashcroft Guest House - Haltwhistle
Ashcroft Guest House – Haltwhistle
Room with a view
The view from our room
Nymphs Temple Chesterholm Gardens
Nymphs Temple – Chesterholm Gardens – Vindolanda
Hadrian's wall - Housesteads crags
Hadrian’s wall from Housesteads crags
The Black Bull – Haltwhistle. I’m sure the girls will miss our generous tips.
Rests of Vindolanda Roman Fort
Walltown – Northumberland National Park
Me in frikism-extasis (camouflaged with the head of emperor Hadrian) in Vindolanda. The funny thing is that I’ve learnt later that several cohorts of the VIth legion were destined to Vindolanda for some time.
Mile Castle 37 Hadrian’s Wall

4 thoughts on “The perfect trip

    1. Yes I was! We were so lucky with the weather. Those days the south of Great Britain were literally flooded… except the North! Quite cold temperature but I appreciated it so much and it was balanced with the warmth of the people.

  1. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Haltwhistle, my husband is the gardener at Ashcroft Guest House. Safe travels!

    1. Thanks for your comment and congrats to your husband’s work! Ashcrfot garden was delightful. I really hope to come back some day, all Haltwhistle’s people were so nice with us, we really enjoyed our stay. ­čÖé

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