My first fandom

… and my fan-vid I’m most proud of. It took me a lot of time and when I finished it my head was literally exploding but… gosh, I like it! (Remember, I don’t have a granny). The sixth season of this Spanish tv series has just began, it is called “Aguila Roja” and, as you see, is a mix of things seen everywhere (the good guy uniform recalls Assassin’s Creed and the baddy the one of Guy of Gisborne), but, I can assure you, very well done. After a dissappointing fifth season, the beginning of the sixth looks promising (the last famous words?).


2 thoughts on “My first fandom

    1. Yes, it is romantic and mixes so many different things… it’s quite weird to explain. 😀
      Indeed that was the toughest part, synchronizing the kicks with the drums. 😀

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