When in Rome… Journey through Ancient Rome (Caesar’s Forum)

The visit begins in Trajan’s forum. This is the view from Via dei Fori Imperiali
Visitors gather in Trajan’s forum.
Another view of Trajan’s forum, with the monumental column built by Apollodorus to celebrate the triumph of Trajan in Dacia. The column is as high as the hill that was demolished to make room for the forum.
View of Trajan’s market from the forum. The semicircular form of market and its buildings was created as a buttress to sustain the part of the hill that was not demolished for the forum
After crossing via Dei Fori Imperiali through a subterranean passage open only recently to the public, the interactive visit begin. The remaining wall of Venus Genitrix’s temple opens and offers the visitors a glance to Ceasar’s forum as it was.
The forum’s colonnade hosted many different activities. This is a recreation of the “argentarius” (money lender) shop
Not only money lenders, but also school lessons were held under this portico. These are the reproductions of several graffities discovered in the walls made by students. Some are in cursive latin. Checking my notes I have identified the abecedary and… a sentence upside down..
a b c d e f g i
I am able to read this fragment only upside down: aeneas et aaa (?)
Thanks to the lights and 3D projections, a fountain comes to life
The colonnades of the forum. These are the actual remains in one side…


… and in the other, the projection of how it looked… During a rainy day. The spots on the ground were raindrops, such a pity that the camera has not captured this perfectly
The walks ends in front of the curia, the old Senate. As all the remaining Roman buildings it stands still because it was used as a church. A projection of the empire under Caesar.
How the curia was during the empire.
After the visit, a walk up to the colosseum. Still magnificent.


6 thoughts on “When in Rome… Journey through Ancient Rome (Caesar’s Forum)

    1. This is the first year this visit is available. It’ll be open until November. I hope many other interactive activities in the forum or other archeological sites will follow. My dream is that someday the historical groups would be invited to make daytime shows in the foro. Can you imagine the re-enactment of Julius Caesar’s burial, Anthony’s speech included? That would be simply amazing.

    1. Indeed it is.. I hope the next year they will open some other recreations in the forum. Nevertheless, there’re so many things good to see that have not been promoted appropriately. For instance, I’ve learned in twitter that Domus Aurea can be visited the weekends with a guided tour explaining the different steps of its restoration project. I’ve booked two tickets for next Saturday. And, in autumn, I must visit Augustus’ and Livia houses in the Palatine. I am postponing it over and over.

      1. I’m delighted that these things are open. When I was there, one could not get into the Domus Aurea, and one had to have special permissions for the houses on the Palatine, which we did see.

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